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Server ID jgvDVALHEIM2376909L1o
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Map valheim
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First Seen Mar 26, 2021
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Greetings Vikings! While the lands have become bountiful and peaceful, there are many true warriors out there who remember the glorious days of War and purpose. Search no more brethren! This new land, dubbed the “Chaotic Kingdomz” is ripe for rampage and will offer all that is desired of true Vikings on the road back to Valhalla.

Understand, this land isn’t for the “lone wolf” or “silent soldier”. The beginning spawn zone is crawling with Syko Bandits and Assassins who will try to stop your quest before it begins! Odin awaits you at the beginning area of the land, so expect to return frequently. Here you can find shelter, quests, shops and the beginning of your destiny.

While, by this time, you may have already explored many lands, the Chaotic Kingdomz offers a mix of features that fit many styles of survival, exploration and warfare. Here is some of what’s included:

• Valheim Online
• Valheim Legends
• ValheimPlus
• Anti Cheat
• Forced PVP
• Terraheim
• Odin Plus
• Vchat
• Better Archery
• Better Trader
• All Tameable
• Creature Sense
• Dungeon Regen
• Epic Loot
• Equipment and Quickslots
• Equipwheel
• Fire is Hot
• Hold Attack
• Let Me Eat
• Map Sharing Made Easy
• Motor Boat
• Move Piece
• Multi Craft
• No Crafting Station Restrictions
• Overhead Swing
• Passive Forsaken Powers
• Planting Plus
• RRR Monsters
• Show Plant Progress
• Simple Recycling
• Sleep Without Spawn
• Starvation
• Useful Trophies
• Weightless Coins
• Better UI
• Clock Mod
• Improved Build HUD

Come and join the beginning of some kind of end here and grow along with us as Valheim expands and enhances gameplay.

Website and Voting Rewards coming soon!
Server Owner: Krysez
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