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Welcome to Belgium! | NEW Curated Map:

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Created by Ben "Paladin" Hoefer, Ethan "Cyllek" Brookman, Nathan "Wolf_Maniac" Zwerka and Nicolas "Putin3D" Arisi with thanks to Nolan "Azz", Husky and Noobyfish, Belgium is newly released for exploration! This map features modernized yet medieval cities, beautiful vistas and boating through active waterways. Update Notes
Change Notes:
Added ability to craft random mythical skins.
Accepted several limited-time skins to the Stockpile.
Added Child_Explosion_Armor_Multiplier to vehicle assets and server vehicle config. When an explosion is obstructed by buildables attached to a vehicle, the damage is multiplied by these values. Prior to this update the equivelant value was 0%. Now the default fo[...] Update Notes
Added Fuel_Burn_Rate option. (units per second)
Added Root_#_Override spawn table option which zeros the weight of default spawns, useful for total conversion mods.
Added BatteryMode_Driving, BatteryMode_Empty, BatteryMode_Headlights and BatteryMode_Sirens which can all be set to Burn, Charge or None.Tweaks:
Tweaked lean obstruction test to use capsule overlap rather than a [...]