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Welcome to France! | NEW Curated Map

Paris is lovely this time of year.

Come explore the warm countryside!

Relax in a cozy private villa... after clearing it of infected.

Climb the snowy alps!

Remember to bring warm clothes for the blizzarding weather.

Enjoy the local culture!

This oughta warm you up again!

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[...] Update Notes
Halloween gift presents are dropping, decorations are up and costumes are on - the annual Halloween event is back from the grave! This year also sees the addition of several holiday-related tools for creators. For example you can add Halloween decorations to the main version of your map and they'll be automatically updated, setup timed costumes for NPCs and use holiday conditions for[...] Update Notes
Update Notes
Added Weapons_Use_Player_Damage config options which causes weapons to cause the same damage to zombies and animals as they would to players. This raises the difficulty a bit on hard mode.
Added onServerSpawningItemDrop and onDropItemRequested events for plugins to prevent certain items from being dropped.
Added zombie backstab damage multiplier config option.Tw[...]