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Welcome to Canyon Arena! | NEW Curated Map:

Update Details:
The latest and greatest arena map from Danaby2, Renaxon and SirAdy Unleashed, Canyon Arena, is now available in-game! It features an entirely new setting with era-appropriate items and weapons.

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If you'd like to support this team in their creation of future maps you can check out the n[...] Update Notes
TL;DR Workshop items will need some time to update, but the game should be more stable.

For a while Unturned has been using version 5.5 of the Unity engine (from 2016), but it's come time to upgrade. In recent years Unity has made stability a higher priority, and have been updating a "long term support" LTS version. The game is now upgraded to this 2017.4 LTS version. Update Notes
2018 Festivities:
Holiday cheer is in the air! Everyone aboard the Liberator has dressed up for the occasion and put up their decorations. Snow has built up in a few locations were you can now make snowballs.

Across PEI, Washington and Russia, someone (maybe the zombies?) has put up ornamental trees with presents underneath. They may have gifted you some high-tier weaponry! Holid[...]