[GER/ENG] La Familia [Beginnerfriendly]


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Server ID 5CPHTHEISLE1003809p5U
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map isle v3
Country Germany
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Oct 5, 2021
Last Seen 6 minutes ago
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Posted by CupcakeBunny

No beginner friendly and Juvie kill rule is not always in affect! I began playing this server with my partner and we both thought it seemed nice till they decided to throw the while premise of the server out the window with constant "purge nights" this is where you can be killed regardless of your dinos age. One particular lover spawn camped and before my partner could fully load innrepeatedly killed her, no admission prevented spawn camping and the game was unplayable and we both got mocked in chat which is 99% German when we said we wanted to get to the safe zone and to stop. Left us both feeling that we had to leave and really upset my partner who had praised the Isle game and dragged me into playing as the experience on this server left us both not wanting to return. I would not recommend this server to newbies.

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