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Weekend Roundup, 4/18 Edition

Hey soldiers!

Weekend looking a little hazy? Maybe we can clear up some of your plans with the weekend roundup! Let’s see what’s going on in Squad.

April 185:30 PM PT (0030 UTC, 19/4 )
Squad Ops: SOTT Basic[squadops.gg]

Bonus Fact: The first issue of Stars and Stripes, the newspaper for U.S.A. armed forces, was published on this dat[...]

The Wrench -- April 2019
Hey soldiers!

Welcome back to The Wrench! Whether you’re springing ahead or falling back, the modding community is spanning the sphere globe in this edition. Big things are coming up[joinsquad.com], but them not being totally finished yet doesn’t mean we can’t continue working on our mods, so get ready to see what everyone is [...]

Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1
Hey squaddies!

The time has come! We’re proud to announce the very first Alpha 13 Public Test. Now, since this is a fairly complex patch, there are a few things you should know before the download completes and you visit the Custom Server tab.

First, there will be bugs, including known crashes. This is the first public testing build. We need you to make sure you use the crash reporte[...]