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SCUM - Hotfix
Hey guys, here is the update. We are releasing a small hotfix today that should fix server crashes, and some extras!

- Fixed disappearing locks on base doors
- Base building walls now require half as many resources
- Fix for chests sometimes not saving their inventory
- Fixed possible dedicated server crash on client connect
- Fix for chest duplication and server crash
- Not [...]

SCUM - Hotfix

Honestly, you all knew that a hotfix was coming. We like you so much we're working on a Saturday, so no need to panic! It's already here!

Before we get into what issues are fixed, let's talk about how you can make our lives easier, as well as yours! Steam tends to mess up downloads, a LOT. We recommend that after each update you verify your game files. Please. We're begging here. Ye[...]

SCUM - Maneater

Welcome everybody!

The time for the Maneater update has finally come and we are very excited to show you what we've been working on!

IMPORTANT: As we already announced before, there will be a total wipe of everything!

For a start, check out our new trailer for the Maneater update! Rumor has it that an uncensored version of it exists somewhere on the internet. However[...]