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Patch Notes
Here we are with a new patch, more bug fixes, QoL changes and some extras!

So let's start with some new things that we added.

Server optimizations
So we looked into lag, as no one likes lag. And we did something awesome, items that repeated a lot on the island (doors etc..) we found a way how to lower servers awareness of those items, and we gained a massive boost, up to 5x faster[...]

Happy Valantine's Day!

Roses are red
because we sprayed them with blood,
you don't need a girlfriend,
just tomorrow's patch, you stud. 🐴

Work in Progress Update [Feb 8, 2019]
Good afternoon, boys and girls!

We just wanted to bring you up to speed with the stuff we're working on (I walked way too much around the office today to get all of that)!
Here's a new gun model fresh from our art team - a DT11. Right now they're working on the animations for it, so it's not quite ready yet, but worry not - you'll have two different new guns to play with in the next pat[...]