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Patch Notes

Hello you beautiful people, here we are once again with some new additions!

But before we get into the notes we just want to announce that with this patch we will wipe everything besides the things you have on your character. Due new features and mechanics that we will add through time.

As you know last week we were away so this wont be the biggest patch we delivered, but let[...]

Developer Showcase Special Edition - Reboot Develop
Hey, lovelies!

You’ve probably realized we didn’t have any posts on Steam last week - that’s because the whole team went to Reboot Develop[rebootdevelopblue.com] in Dubrovnik, Croatia, so this week we’ll have a special edition of our Developer Update where you’ll get to see what we did there!

Reboot Develop is a conference for games industry professi[...]

Development Update #4 & Hotfix

New Monday, new update, time to show all of you beautiful people what's cooking behind doors!

So last week we focused mostly on catching and solving bug issues that came with the archery update, but we have some interesting things nonetheless!

Row row row your boaaaaaat

The work on rowing animations is in full swing, as we know you want to get to all those[...]