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Welcome to The Void Territories!

We are a mature, non-toxic, noob friendly server (with a Friendly Village for chill / non-PVP) with no Pay 2 Win

Join us on Discord!

Map wipe: Last April 1, Next April 15
BP wipe: Last April 1, Next May 5

Map wipes are on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month; BP wipes are on the 1st Thursday of the month. We do a 1 week wipe on the 4th Thursday for months with 5 weeks

Server time is UTC-5

Max group size of 4 players

Our server is vanilla gameplay with 1/2 upkeep, 72 hour upkeep grief protection, and 1 hour body despawn, plus loads of other niceties, custom plugins & QOL tweaks like Furnace Splitter, Gesture Wheel, Rust:IO, Sign Artist, Skins, and Discord integration

Our rules are simple with a 3 strike rule violation system: Warning, 24h ban, Permanent ban

1. Don't be a dick. We don't tolerate jerks, hatred, or harassment of any kind
2. No taking over of a primary/home base
3. Respect roleplayers & RP bases
4. No walling off to prevent access to monuments
5. No external traps / turrets on bases close to roads
6. No excessive raiding of smaller bases by groups
7. Don't despawn loot you aren't taking during raids
8. Door camping limited to 30 minutes unless actively raiding
9. Friendly Village members don't initiate PVP, raid, or counter world events. They may defend themselves
10. English language only

You are required to read and understand the rules. If you do not follow them, you may be banned without warning. If you have any questions or concerns, contact an admin

For a detailed look at our story and our rules, please visit our website:

Steam Group:


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steam://connect/ (if Rust isn't running)
connect (in F1 console)
◾ Search for TVT in the Rust in-game browser (listed under Modded)
Server Owner: TheVoidTerritories
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