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December 2018 Hotfix is live

The changes
Today's update brings a small amount of vital improvements to the stability and security of the game. This update is mandatory meaning servers will have to be updated before players can join them.

The update fixes some Team Fortress 2 maps crashing when looking at certain spots, and those maps now also properly loa[...]

October 2018 Update is live!

Crash fixes and minor improvements across the board

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Changes Added quick search to Material tool
You can now ignite ragdolls
Restored Half-Life 1 turret entities
Added support for $treesway shader paramters, which is affected by env_wind entities on[...]

The October 2018 update is coming next week
Hi everyone,

We are planning to release the next Garry's Mod update next week, on October 17th around 3PM GMT.

You can find the list of changes that will be coming here:
us test the updateWe kindly ask anyone willing to help us test this update before it releases (especially modders and server owners), to minimize any potential problems with the update.

You will find instr[...]