Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive from our users.
If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact support.


Server Questions

If your server is not listed, you can add it to our tracking list by following the add server steps located in the account panel. If your IP is for a game we don't track it will not be added.

No, claimed server owners can open a ticket and request a server migration from your old IP to your new IP.

When requesting a server migration, the old server and new server must be claimed by you. Your request will be denied if your both servers are not claimed prior to opening a ticket.

You can change the ownership by verifying you are the new owner. Follow the claiming steps to update ownership.

If you restart or update your server during the tracking phase, our system will move your server to the offline list until the next tracking phase.

Rest assured that if your server is online, our system will mark it online the next time it tracks your server.

Featuring a server does not guarantee you will get more players because the human factor comes into play and we simply cannot predict or measure what makes a player join a server over others.

Featuring a server does guarantee you will be on the front page of the server list associated with your server until your featured time expires or you're bumped to the next page by other featured servers.

Tracking results show that servers on the front have a 94% chance of getting more hits / joins than other servers.

If you find another server using your EXACT server name on our site, please contact support immediately.

Yes, claimed servers have the option to delete comments located on the manage server page.

ServerRanks.com will not remove comments made by any user unless we deem necessary or it breaks our terms.

DO NOT open a ticket stating a user is lying or making false comments on your server's page, we will close your ticket as we have no way to verify if either party is being truthful.

Server Cash™ Questions

Server Cash™ is the currency used on ServerRanks.com to purchase various features we offer.

Server Cash™ is non refundable and it can only be used on ServerRanks.com.

The featured lifetime server is a unique status that grants a server unlimited featured time for a lump sum price.

Only 10 of these are granted per game and they are first come first serve. We only recommend this for large gaming communities.

Server Cash™ is applied instantly unless your payment was an eCheck or it was denied.

If you purchased Server Cash™ during a bonus event, your bonus will also be applied instantly.

A Server Cash™ voucher is a code you can use to redeem FREE Server Cash™. We provide these on our social media accounts and reporting bugs.

Yes! Reporting bugs, spelling errors or grammar mistakes and helping to better are ways to earn Server Cash™.

If you have some awesome skills and think they could make this place a bit better, shoot us a ticket and let us know.

Server Cash™ is non-refundable. You agree to these terms when you access the site and in the PayPal notes when you make a purchase.

Server Cash™ can only be transfered if the Admin approves it.

If you would like to transfer your Server Cash™ you will need to open a support ticket.

Voting Questions

Claimed server owners can see who voted for their server on the manage server page.

Once every 24 hours.

Claimed server owners have the option to disable voting. If someone is trolling your server by downvoting it, please open a support ticket and our staff will look into it however we will not take action unless they break our terms.

Everyone is allowed to vote one time a day and we don't punish users for casting a downvote.

Yes, you can request a server migration from your old server to your new server.

No, we don't calculate server votes when ranking a server.

Any member or server involved in any exploit of our voting system will be removed permanently.

Account Questions

You can change your password by accessing the account page and clicking the update account tab.

Usernames can only be changed by ServerRanks staff.

Each rank has it's own perks, all perks are private unless you have reached that rank to ensure we stay awesome.

We can tell you that the higher rank you are the better chance you have to get awesome gear from our sponsors

Creating multiple accounts is against our terms and will result in a 30 day ban.

If your account gets banned you will lose your Rank and if your account had servers claimed, they will also be banned for 30 days.

You can change your profile picture by visiting your profile page and clicking on the current image that is displayed.

You can find your profile page by clicking update profile on the account page.

Linking a Steam account is used to verify account ownership for monthly giveaways.

If you have not linked a Steam account on our site, you will not be entered into any gear giveaways.

If you would like to have your account removed, you may open a support ticket requesting account deletion.

Claimed Server Questions

No, you must claim your server by following the claim process.

If your server is full, you can claim it when you do a scheduled restart or plan ahead with your community.

Advanced ranking is a paid feature that ranks servers 2x faster

Although we don't recommend deleting comments, the delete comments feature deletes ALL comments.

We don't allow server owners to choose which comments are deleted, you must delete all of them if you choose to use the delete comments feature.

Not at this time, Twitch channels are displayed on every server's page to help keep the site running FREE for everyone.

We don't get involved in server drama so we recommend resolving it outside our site. If a user is leaving comments that break our terms, please contact support.

Every claimed server has the ability to see who voted for their server and the amount of times they have voted. You can access this feature on the manage server page.

In the event your IP changes or you change server providers we can migrate your old server info to your new server as long as you have not unclaimed your old server.

Before your data will be migrated, you must claim your new server first to verify you are the owner.

When you unclaim a server all of the votes and rank are reset. This cannot be undone. If you unclaim a server before you have migrated your servers info to a new IP, you will not have any votes or rank to transfer.

Business Questions

API access is granted to select providers only.

The hosting application can be found on the hosting page. All hosting providers must complete this application, there are no exceptions.

Hosting blocks display the information for each host we list in a pre-determined order.

We remove providers that don't meet our exceptions or fail one of our random QA checks. We want to ensure that anyone who selects a provider on our site will get nothing but the best.

Each month our hosting providers receive 20 Server Cash™ vouchers which can be provided to new or current customers.