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Server ID Xm5jDAYZ6781427beH
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map namalsk
Country United States
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Jun 12, 2021
Last Seen 21 seconds ago
Mods DayZ-Expansion
Mortys Weapons
Namalsk Survival
Namalsk TF Bering outpost
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Survive the unforgiving land of Namalsk with a return to the roots of DayZ. No major mods have been added to Foxhound, ensuring we preserve the feeling of authentic reward that exploration and survival bring to the table.

No infinite stamina, no traders or helis-- only your wits and some quality of life improvements.
Join Foxhound Namalsk today and get an early lead in loot and base building locations.

This is a NO RAID server-- we understand not every player has the time to devote to DayZ as much as others and therefore, we want to offer an experience without the concern of losing your base overnight.


- Airdrops

- No NPC Traders.

- Mortys weapons

- Expansion mods and improvements

- Map item required to access map via (M)

- Inventory move sounds

- Snow overhaul

- Spurgles Bags

- Windstrides Clothing Pack

- Custom Map Locations
Server Owner: Lumenastrum
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