(WNG) 5x PvE UK Cluster - Crystal Isles - (v346.16)


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Server ID 6suuARK845122zmi
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map crystalisles
Country France
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Mar 9, 2021
Last Seen 5 minutes ago
Mods No Mods Found
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Server Description
WickedNinjaGames Presents: Ark: Survival Evolved
For detailed information on our servers and settings please check out our website here:


Our Cluster's Features (but not an exclusive list)
- Structures Plus
- Lethal's Reusables
- Castles Keeps & Forts: Remastered and Science Fiction
- A variety of decorative building options
- Dino Storage V2
- Kraken's Better Dinos
- ARK Additions: The Collection
- Corpse Recovery
- Flyer Speed Levelling
- ARKShop and Points
- Playtime and Vote Rewards
- Cross Cluster Tribe and Global Chat
- Dino Tracking
- Improved Supply Drops and Loot Chests
- Custom Engram Progression
- No Wipes
- World Bosses, Events and Questing!
- Player Backups

Server Settings
Experience x 5
Harvesting x 5
Taming Speed x 5
Mating Interval x 0.03125 (between 33 and 90 minutes)
Baby Mature Speed x 5 (100% Imprint is possible)
Baby Cuddle Interval x 0.347225
Wild Dinosaur Level 150
Max Player Level 180
Custom stack sizes
Increased Player and Tame Weight capacity
10 Person tribes
Genesis Tek enabled
In-game gamma adjustment

Connecting to the servers without installing the mods will cause you to timeout

PvE Maps - Steam - Launched 25/02/2020
- The Island - steam://connect/ark1.wngplay.com:27015
- Scorched Earth -steam://connect/ark1.wngplay.com:27016
- Aberration - steam://connect/ark1.wngplay.com:27017
- Extinction - steam://connect/ark1.wngplay.com:27018
- Genesis - steam://connect/ark2.wngplay.com:27018
- Genesis 2 - steam://connect/ark3.wngplay.com:27016

- Crystal Isles - steam://connect/ark2.wngplay.com:27015
- Ragnarok - steam://connect/ark2.wngplay.com:27016
- Valguero - steam://connect/ark2.wngplay.com:27017
- Lost Island - steam://connect/ark4.wngplay.com:27018
- Fjordur - steam://connect/ark4.wngplay.com:27015

- DinoOverhaul X (DOX) - steam://connect/ark4.wngplay.com:27017

PvE Mods
Here is the list of Mods we currently run for PvE maps:
(WNG) PvE Cluster Mods

DOX Mods
Here is the list of Mods we currently run for DOX maps:
(WNG) DinoOverhaul X (DOX) Mods

Any questions? Come and chat:
WickedNinjaGames Discord Server
WickedNinjaGames Website
Server Owner: wngadmin
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