Beginner Server Reloaded [No Mods] [Plugins] - (v349.27)


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Server ID I99mARK51422458zcO
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map theisland
Country Germany
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Sep 8, 2022
Last Seen 18 seconds ago
Mods No Mods Found
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Server Description
Welcome to the Beginner Server Reloaded! Focus is to give beginners and new players
a chance to establish themselves in pvp. The rates are perfectly balanced for solo
players, aswell as for smaller tribes. We also reduced the wild dino levels and rebalanced
most of the dinos to give beginners a real chance and to spice up the pvp experience by
increasing the strentgh of unused / forgotten dinos.


Harvest x3
Experience x3
Taming x5

Custom Settings / Tweaks

Increased Stats per Level
Increased Stats per Level for players and dinos on Level-Up

Survival Improvements

E.g. player adjustments:

Decreased food drain
Decreased water drain
Faster health regeneration

Quality of Life Changes:

Offline Raid Protection
Decreased wild dino damage
Damage Numbers enabled
Fog disabled
No Strucuture Collision
Custom Loot Crates
Automatic locking of structures (crop plots aswell)
Colorful Dinos
Disabled Friendly Fire
Creature Adjustments
Weapon Adjustments
Item Crafting Cost Adjustments
Custom Spawn Points

Take a look at our Discord Server for additional information and news.
Beginner Server Reloaded Discord:
Server Owner: FabiTre
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