HoleInTheWall Crossark ORP SS 3xXP/HVST 10xTM - (v345.19)


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Server ID OlwoARK12864986Gmq
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map ragnarok
Country United States
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Jul 20, 2021
Last Seen 2 minutes ago
Mods No Mods Found
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Server Description
The server was created to provide a relaxed environment for game play for both PVE and PVP gamers. I'll try to keep rules to a minimum but with that in mind, PITA rule supersedes all others. Pain In The Ass players will simply be invited to play elsewhere.

1. Content posted with intent to troll, insult, inflame or provoke will be moderated.
2. Spirited and lively discussion in a civil manner is appreciated.
3. Text channel topics are clearly indicated.
SERVER CLUSTER: Intended to provide alternate environments.

- to appeal to those either new to the game or prefer PVE style of play
- indigenous creatures only. IE cannot bring Wyverns in from another serve
- no building/blocking Obelisks

RAGNAROK: PVP modified - ORR - Online Raid Required
- to appeal to those PVP folks that appreciate risk but not losing all their shit in one offline raid.
- no builds over supply drops
- no building/blocking Obelisks
- indigenous creatures only.

CRYSTAL ISLES: PVP open season - be prepared to lose your shit
Server Owner: holeinthewall
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