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Structures Plus & Kibble Rework Beta Is Live & Extinction Transfers Open!
Structures Plus (S+) & Kibble Rework Beta!
It is finally here! This is the first time we've done a public beta branch for ARK, so here is a lengthy but necessary introduction.

As a quick starting note: Before accessing a beta branch you should create a backup of any single player games, characters, or server files that you may have for ARK to prevent any corruption or loss of player data[...]

Structures Plus & Kibble Rework Beta This Week!

We're starting off 2019 strong! The promised public beta including S+ and Kibble changes will be available by the end of this week for survivors to play with. When we're ready to share the build we'll give you some more information on how to opt-in to this build through Steam.

S+ Features that will be in the beta branch:

- Made structure quick pickup time configurable in ini [...]

Happy New Year! Public Beta & Extinction Transfers Soon!
2018 in Review!

Happy New Year, Survivors! Thank you all for making us a part of your 2018. It has truly been an insane year for us. As always we are humbled by your support of all things ARK and we could not have achieved these milestones without you.

Let's bring in the new year with a roar, and keep on surviving in 2019!

Structure Plus & Kibble Rework!
We look forwar[...]