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Our goal is to help players servers communities come together with just one click.

Today we are one of the largest Game Server Ranking sites in the world.
We are one of the few ranking sites that have sponsors from the biggest names in the gaming industry


And still growing


Synced perfectly to the world


You host it, we'll track it


8 years and counting

Fair Ranking System

We've took years worth of experience in the server ranking community to build one of the greatest Game Server ranking systems in the world. Our ranking system has over 8 years of operational experience and performance.

Global Tracking System

Our tracking servers are spread out across the globe to ensure that our Game Tracking system is able to find and track servers no matter where they're located. So no matter where you live, we got you covered.


Detection System

We know running a server takes time and tons of man hours not to mention money. Our detection system will alert you when our system detects an error or if your server goes offline which is vital to keeping players on your server with limited downtime.

Totally FREE

We track and rank Game Servers absolutely free! For those who have a few extra dollars to spare, we have paid features which provide a few extra perks to server owners.

Tracking & Ranking System

Real time server ranking and tracking results that provides real time stats for each server listed on our site every 5 minutes. Our real time results include: Online players, Average players, Map, Country, Online/Offline Status and Max Players . All online Servers receive a rank after our tracking servers have tracked it for 24 hours.

Server Comment System

You can tell alot about a server from the players that play on it. Our server commenting system allows players to share their experiences they've had while playing on a specific server. All server comments are views of the player not ServerRanks.com.

Multiple Games

We provide ranking and tracking for a multitude of games. Some servers may have multiple list such as Pvp, Pve, Official Servers depending on the game. Each game is ranked separately from other games and the corresponding list it may have such as Pvp or Pve.

Featured Server Status

Featured status is a paid feature that instantly displays a server on the front page regardless of their rank. Every Featured Server can be identified with a red star next to their name. Anyone can feature a server which makes it easy for server communities to support the server they play on. 94% of all featured servers gain players faster than non-featured servers.

Server Cash™

Server Cash™ is a digital currency used to purchase paid features and products. It is not a form of real currency and is not refundable. This means if you purchase any Server Cash™, you will not be able to cash it in for any form of real currency. We use all the proceeds to pay for upkeep of the servers and website.

Monthly Giveaways

We know how important it is to give back to those who help support us! We have monthly giveaways which range from free sponsorships, server giveaways, computer hardware, Server Cash™ and other sponsored gear we get our hands. Follow us on Twitter to take part in our giveaways.

Dynamic Server Banners

We provide a dynamic banner for every server listed on our site. Dynamic banners can be used on websites and forums to promote your server and allow players to join it by clicking on the banner. Each banner provides the current stats, player count, player graphs, IP and the server's name.

Mobile Friendly

We've designed our site to be mobile friendly and support just about every mobile device known to man. Check the status of your server while you're at work, on a road trip or even in the bathroom - We got you covered.

Server Voting System

Registered members have the option to use our voting system to like or dislike a server once every 24 hours. Don't worry, no matter how many votes a server has, it is not calculated while ranking a server.

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Who We Are

ServerRanks.com is a network of Game Servers combined with ranking and tracking. In the past, we have developed ranking software for some of the biggest names in the gaming industry as well as websites that many of you have used in the past.

Currently we're one of the only ranking sites that has some big sponsors backing us and they pretty much keep the site running FREE thanks to their support. Not only do we have some big sponsors, we also have an awesome community which keep us on our toes with new ideas and helping to make this site #1.

Our goal is to help players and servers come together regardless of your geo location or your server status. Whether you're a huge gaming community or just a small 10 man server, we will do our best to help you succeed.

On behalf of ServerRanks.com, Happy Gaming!

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Alert Detection System
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He's called a genius among friends and family but in all reality he might be a bit more. With over 2 million lines of code spread out amongst 20+ apps, software and websites he is responsible for upkeep of the ranking and tracking servers. He also loves Game Of Thrones.

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An Air Force Veteran who loves to help others. Sarah is responsible for answering your support tickets. In her free time she likes to run in marathons and do charity work.

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Kelly is responsible for all the Server Cash™ transactions that occur on the website as well as weekly & monthly Server Cash ™ bonus events. In her free time she loves to spend time with her family and enjoy the small things in life.