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Server ID zM7N7DTD22255778hRm
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map ijewo valley
Country United Kingdom
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Feb 23, 2022
Last Seen 2 minutes ago
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Server Description
Welcome To Terra Modded PvEvP (UK)

Welcome thanks for checking out the Server we are now running A20.3!
Terra is a highly customized server using CSMM tools and Server side mods. Check out out serve information for more details.

The old world is long gone, The War ravaged the lands and the infection has spread to all corners of the globe. There have been sightings of Strange Mutated Zombies never before seen and our Scouts have reported the infection Level has risen drastically, We Classified these areas as infection zones. This threat is widespread and our resources are running thin. Can you survive in this unforgiving enviroment? or will the infection prove to much?

Server Information:

- UK Server With Max Ping Kick And Country Blocks
- Hosted with PingPerfect (Current 12 Slots)
- PvEvP (Large PVE Zone in Map Center)
- Dangerous Cities (Higher Spawn Rates in Cities)
- Infection Zones (Warning Given, Contains Hoard Spawners, 3 Difficulties)
- Modded And Customized (All Serverside Nothing to install!)
- 30+ New Custom Prefabs (By Modders and Artists)
- Running Alloc's Live Map and CSMM/CPM
- Discord Available With In-Game Global and Discord Chat Linked.
- Large Selection of Packs and Roles To Support us at our Shop!
- Automatic Backup and Restart Daily at 10PM UK TIME with prior Warning.
- Host Restart Every 1st and 3rd Monday of the Month Between Approx 5-7am UK Time

Server Stats

10K Random Gen Map.
200%XP and 200% Loot
Land Claim Size - 51 x 51
Land Claim Duration - 30 Days
Drop on Death - Backpack Only
Drop on Quit - Nothing
Zombie Difficulty - 2
Max Zombies - 80 Zombies
Max Animals - 80 Animals
Loot Reset - Every 3 in-game Days
Air Drops - Every 3 in-game Days

Mod List as of A20.3:

Custom Starter Pack - Custom Starter Pack Given to Players.
uMod(Oxide) - Backend For Running Our Shop
Custom Zombies Pack - Many New Zombies Be Careful!
Custom Vehicles - New Vehicles
HUD Plus - UI Changes For More Displayed Information
Vanilla Plus - Many Vanilla Changes For QOL
Blood Moon Until Dawn - Blood Moon All NIGHT! :D
Jars of Honey - Small QOL Adds Rare Honey Drop To Trees
12 Slot Craft Que - 12 Slot Crafting Que!
60 Slot Backpack - Backpack Expandable to 60 slots!
Always Open Trader - Trader is Always Open!
Dangerous Cities - Be Careful Cities Can Be Quite Scary!
Hp Bars - Shows Enemy HP Bars!
More Deco - More Deco Added As Craftable!
Special Ammo - New Ammo Also Craftable!
More Storage Containers - Craftable Storage Containers From POI's
Realistic Salvage - Makes Salvage More Realistic!
Working Stuff - Fucntional Versions of Some More Deco Blocks!
Better Gyro Handling - Control the Gyro easier!
Find Bicycle Parts - Find Bicycle Parts in more places around the world!
Server Owner: shanervoir
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