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Server ID DSRq7DTD15865kfC
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Map azcc21
Country United States
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First Seen Feb 27, 2021
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Server Description
Welcome to AZCC Gaming!

AZCC Gaming is a community-focused group of gamers that love playing 7 Days to Die and Ark. We are a close community, however; others are encouraged to join in on the fun. The community is made up of mature gamers and content creators via Twitch, and Youtube.

We have an active owner (Astrozombiecat) as well as active admins that are on the server to make sure that every person has a great experience while playing on our servers. We do not tolerate griefers, trolls, or any other disruptions on our server or in our discord.

For more information and for the server rules, you can join our discord at It is not required that you join the discord to play, however, in order to find out information about the server updates and other things server related such as events joining our Discord is encouraged.

Our servers are proudly sponsored by

Server Info:

1 RL hour = 1 in-game day.

*PVE as a standard, however, we do have PVP events and you are authorized to kill in order to protect your base should trouble come knocking.
* 5 Land Claim allowance.
* Claim block size is a generous 51x51 which leaves plenty of building space without having to use 50 LCs.
* Land Claim Duration is 14 RL Days. ( This is to encourage players to be active)
* When you die, you only lose your backpack
* Zombies are level 3 at the moment, however, as the days go on in the server the zombies will get harder.
* Loot reset is every 7 in-game days. The canned food, however, will start reducing as time goes on.
* Air Drops - Every 3 in game days


Our Server Features

* Custom AZCC Gaming map for our server
* Starter Kits for both Primary and Secondary professions. You can skill up in one of 5 Primary or 5 Secondary professions.
* Vote rewards.
* Working craftable kitchen sinks.
* Working craftable stove.
* Larger stack size storage boxes.
* Most of our mods are QOL mods which are always been tested and added.
* Mods are server-side mods that do not require any downloading or installation on the client-side.
* 24/7 General Store that sells Food, clothing, building supplies, and ammo.
* 24/7 Ammo Depo selling ammo to those in need.
* Server coins that can be used to buy special vehicle mods and modded weapons or tools (Can only be bought using server coins). Coins can be earned by time on the server, and zombie kills only.
* Special events with awesome rewards for participants.
* Log Spikes that can be crafted with the workbench.


About our Zombies

AZCC Gaming is all about keeping it real and challenging, but not too hard.

* Zombies do not RUN (they may, however, rush attack when injured)
* Zombies do not climb ladders ( The only one that can get up walls is the spider zombie and boss Zombies)
* Single or small group (5) zombies can not beat down a cobblestone wall or higher. (concrete, steel, etc..) They can cause damage, but not beat it down unless they are in a large group. This also includes the BloodMoon Zombies.
* The Zombies can and will cause a lot of damage to players.
* The Zombies are always being worked on (some removed, some nerfed and some increased in power)
Server Owner: Astrozombiecat
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